DeBruyn Equine Boarding Stud

We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to own and operate a boarding stud and cattle farm in the fertile and exceptionally idyllic Clarens Valley in the Free State.

The stud covers more than a thousand three hundred acres of natural grassland on high quality soil, ideally suited for growing horses in a natural and spacious environment. High quality Eragrostis is produced on the farm to supplement the already high quality natural grazing available throughout the year.

Due to the cold winters this area is well known for its very low incidence of African Horse Sickness.

Our young horse management program is designed to meet our fundamental belief that each youngster is an individual and should be given the best opportunity to grow up to express his/her full genetic potential as Sport horses.

The young horses are fed individually to their specific growth requirements and stabled during the high risk AHS period or during severe weather conditions such as snow. Each of the youngsters are handled twice daily and spend their time in large grass fields in small groups of similar age and gender; thereby allowing ample exercise and the all important socialization to take place with minimal risk of injury.

John our Stud Manager works closely with Carel to attend to the day to day care of all the horses on the stud. Our farrier Johan visits the stud every two weeks for routine hoof care and to carefully manage the young horses hoof and limb development.

We take immense pride in the high level of routine horse care which all the horses receive at the boarding stud as we do manage each individual horse as if they were our own.