Our Philosophy

Producing world class / elite Sport Horses requires a well balanced combination of a number of factors:

  • Selection and matching of superior genetic material in the form of elite mares, stallions and imported frozen semen
  • A highly motivated and experienced team of horseman to ensure optimal Stallion & Mare care and Foal Growth management
  • State of the art Assisted Breeding Technology for the successful application of frozen semen and embryo transfer
  • Extensive knowledge of Veterinary Medicine, Nutrition and Farrier science
  • High quality Equine Reproduction Laboratory in the heart of the Sport Horse industry
  • A stud farm in an area which has a low incidence of African Horse Sickness and which is isolated from the infectious diseases found in the large equestrian areas

Our Commitment

Our team is more committed than ever to continually upgrade our skills, knowledge and facilities in order to provide our clients with the best chance of breeding high quality horses and to make the breeding process pleasant and rewarding for everyone concerned.